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iMT-NASA 2018 concept competition winners announced!


We bring the power of concept art to your grants, papers, academic presentations and talks. Let us make your research shine. Your point of contact will be a scientist which understands your needs.


Let us show your investors and clients how you imagine the future. Our talented board member artists and engineers work together  to bring beauty to practicality. 


With our roots at MIT and leaves in the best of Hollywood we bring new ideas to prestigous events, projects, and narratives. Let us show you the depth of our imagination!


Brand new bridge between art & science to accelerate and communicate technical imagination

It’s difficult to find people like Leonardo Da Vinci who have both artistic talent in illustration and scientific or technical understanding of engineering. So we have assembled a team of top-tier engineers and concept artists to bring that capability to you.


During last three years our works have appeared in the most respected events, talks, and journals around the world.

Client Testimonials

The idea collection of “Beyond Autonomous Cars” was showcased on TOYOTA’s Campus, Based on iMT’s unique creativity and inspiration for our future strategies we are please to endorse iMT’s idea collection…

Dr. Gentaro Kogano


Exhibition Endorsement

There is a unique type of talent at iMT that brings practicality and elegance together and that is what I need in my talks…

Prof. Hugh Herr


Academic illustration

These illustrations help us communicate our vision to our investors. I am surprised on how much value these offer for the given time and cost. Especially for international investors.

CEO Meron Gribetz

Meta co.

Technical concept illustration

Become a board member artist/engineer. Get involved in paid/prestigous projects at your convenience!

Honorary Members

We seek perfection because it’s needed to push the boundaries!

 I am incredibly fortunate to be working with the best of the best in art, design, and technology. Even more of a joy is seeing the synergy between those disciplines. Sharing this synergy and bringing it to a wider group than I could ever reach in entertainment is what excites me about iMT. I cannot wait to see where it takes us and I know it will surely inspire my work in unpredictable and exciting ways.

Dylan Cole

Co-Production designer of the movie AVATAR

The  iMT’s methods and idea exhibitions are something of paramount value to technology development and academic institutions and will help in creating and innovating the future scientists and technologist to develop what will become mainstream in the near future.

Omar Hatamleh


we thought of it as a museum of ideas, that can be permanent, connect various people around the world, capture imaginations, and go beyond what physical museums can do. The fact that we observed live what interactions and interest it can generate, is probably a first unveiling of what the overall platform could do in a global level to capture imagination and allow everyone to see how technology can be embedded in our future lives.

Amir Banifatemi

XPRIZE Leader on AI

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