iMT-NASA 2018 Entries

Humans Beyond Earth

This competition is targeted toward brilliant engineers with good drawing skills or brilliant concept artists with relatively grounded ideas. If you are one of the two and you are generally a very imaginative person then your chances are high. If you have a great vision or idea but don't have any illustration talent then team up with a concept artist online. You can use our platform; CGSociety, Artstation, our Facebook page @imtspace or other artist forums.
We recommend submission of any related entry even if its recycling from your previous art works. However we are looking for entries that illustrates a detailed step of humans going beyond earth. Ask yourself; what are the phases of colonization of the Moon and Mars, what are the important moments in that journey, what are the tools that is needed; what are the things that could happen. Think about next 50 years but not much further. Try to stay away from pure sci-fi e.g. aliens, wormholes, and laser guns.

Although optional we do recommend use of our template with 4K (3840x2160) resolution, JPEG format, and the overlaid text "iMT-NASA 2018" at the right lower corner with your name and email under it. File size is limited to 3MB. and each team/person can upload up to 5 entries on the same or different ideas. (See template in the gallery section)
The submission portal is at the bottom of this page, use the buttons on the orange menu bar to register and/or login then click the submission button to upload your entry. Once you submit your entry you will get a confirmation email and then you will hear back from us if your submission is approved for this competition; once approved the entry will appear in the gallery below the menu. Should you have any problems during the submission contact our admin Trevor Pan at

The deadline for this competition is November 3rd 11:59PM EST. At this time our submission portal will close and no more concepts can be submitted. The winners will be announced in the NASA Cross industry innovation summit on 7th of November and later on the same day through our Facebook page @imtspace. The official announcements will be made later on this page and the trophies and endorsements will be sent out to the winners. Our Judges are from a diverse background in concept art and engineering industry as announced below.